Optimal integration of information, design and technology

IBIT LTD offers customized software development services, IT outsourcing, managing applications services,
mobile application development, cloud computing, SEO and SEM services.

Some of the services and products we engage in are:

Software Development

  • Analysis & Requirements Definition
  • Architecture & Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance

Mobile Apps

  • Development in Android, IOS and hybrid platform

Quality Assurance

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Performance and Load Testing

Cloud Computing

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Software as a service (CaaS)
  • Cloud IT
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud billing
  • Datacenter services


  • Market research
  • Marketing collateral (product sheets, product demos, white papers, videos, etc.)
  • SEO & Online Advertising (Google AdWords)
  • Social media
  • Translation support

IT Support

  • Network Configuration (Windows & Linux)
  • Consultancy for IT Data Security
  • Backup/Restore Strategy
  • Access Control Solutions


  • Data Entry
  • Data management
  • Deployment support
  • Customer support
  • Reports building
  • Process documentation and implementation

We also provide IT consulting services as well as software re-engineering, modernization and reprogramming of the already existing web applications, websites, etc. Our professionals can also create a smart and functional design for new websites or bring them up to date with current  business  requirements.  

Depending on the project chosen by the client, there are different approaches for the product development. Our “traditional” model, mainly based on RUP and CMMI practices, is generally used in turnkey, fixed priced contracts. An iterative/incremental lifecycle model is used.  The other approach is mostly based in Agile Methods, in particular Scrum and Extreme Programming, and is used in “team based” engagements. An iterative/incremental lifecycle is also used in these projects.


Our technical expertise features many technological areas.

Offshore Web Development Services.

  • Languages: PHP HTML5/CSS3, Java, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, Pearl.
  • API’s: Google’s (toolkit, maps, etc.), Facebook’s (Twitter, Instagram), PayPal, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc.
  • Frameworks and CMS: Drupal, WorldPress, Symfony, Ajax, Zend, Magento, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, NewSQL and NoSQL such as Redis and Mongo DB.

Mobile Software Development Services

  • Languages: C/C++, C#, NET, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby
  • API’s: Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Paypal, Flickr, MailChimp, Authorize.NET, etc.
  • Tools: Eclipse, Android SDK, Node.JS, Apache Cordova, Zend, Phonegap, Sencha Touch, etc.
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgeSQL, Memcache, Sphinx, Solr, MongoDb, etc.

Testing & QA

  • Platforms: Mobile, Web, Desktop, Cloud, Big Data
  • Types: Manual, Automated, Black Box, White Box, Regression, Functional, Load, Usability, etc.
  • Tools: Selenium, Robotium, Appium, SoapUI, Watir, Windmill, Bugzilla, PL/SQL Developer, etc.
  • Testing levels: Unit, Integration, Component interface, System, Acceptance testing


  • Usability testing, A/B: Usability Tools, Morae, BugHerd, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer
  • Prototyping: Pencil, PowerMockup, Moqups, Handcraft
  • Tools: JQuery UI, Wbsockets, WebRTC, RequireJS, KnockoutJS, Actionscript, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Mindmapping: XMind, ConceptDraw, Gliffy, etc.

Cloud Services

  • Compute: Compute Engine, App Engine, Container Engine, etc.
  • Technologies: Multiple API’s, Cloud Endpoints, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Big table, etc.
  • Big Data in clouds: Cloud Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Cloud dataflow, etc.

Big Data Services

  • Languages: R, ECL, Pig/Pig Latin
  • Business Intelligence: Talend, KNIME, BIRT/Actuate, Jaspersoft, Pentaho
  • Tools: Hadoop, HPCC, GridGain, Storm, Orange, SPMF, Rattle, RapidMiner/RapidAnalytics
  • Warehouses: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, CouchDB, Hive

SEM & Analytics

  • Activities: SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO
  • Services: analysis, optimization, keyword generation, semantic core generation, marketing and promotion
  • Tools: Adbeat, Adgooroo, Bing ads, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, iSpionage, KeywordSpy
  • SEO and SEM: Traffic potential, Keyword identification, Hotspot visualization

Desktop Application Development

  • OS: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint), Mac OS X
  • Technologies: .NET/XAML, C++, Win32, Java
  • IDEs: CodeLite, Code::Blocks, Eclipse, NetBeans, komodo IDE, Cloud 9 IDE, MS Visual Studio
  • Database Dev Tools: Cornstone, Dbase, Microsoft Access, Kexi, Visual Dtat Flex, Paradox


IBIT LTD differentiate its software outsourcing model from other “software factories” based on the processes we follow and close interaction with the client. IBIT LTD assures an in-depth understanding of customer’s requirements and challenges and suggests a creative approach by providing innovative solutions owing to our experience and expertise.

Software Development

Full lifecycle software development: architecture & design, implementation, re-engineering & refactoring, technology migration, maintenance & support.

QA & Testing

QA strategy, testing architecture setup, the full range of manual and automated testing implementation, functional and non-functional testing.

Development Operations (DevOps)

Analysis of the existing release processes and systems, automation, development of systems and tools, and release execution.

UX & UI Design

User research, scenarios & user flows, user stories, wireframes & mockups, usability testing.

Business Analysis

If necessary, provision of risk analyses, quality checks and other activities to help translate a vision into a software product.

Project Management

Provision of solid planning, collaboration, controlling and operational transparency in Agile, Waterfall or hybrid models.


IBIT LTs has accumulated software development experience across a wide range of business sectors, including IT, telecommunications, financial services, e-commerce and retail, manufacturing, hospitality and travel.

Retail and E-Commerce. The rise of the modern consumer pose retailers with many new challenges: customized products, personalized services, and 24/7 access via computers, mobile phones, and tablets. In order to cater to those needs, industry experts say the road to success is to offer omni-channel availability and intelligently collect, store, sort, and analyse an enormous amount of data, or Big Data. 

IBIT LTD provides a smooth e-commerce solutions with accurate sales and behavioral data, simple, well-designed, intuitive navigation and fast ordering process. We also can assist development or updates to existing e-commerce platforms, customized CMS, system integration and automation, off/online system synchronization, implementation of existing and creation of custom social media apps that will be integrated into e-commerce platform.

IT Industry. IBIT LTD provides commercial software packages and assists with end-to-end IT solutions and helps companies to become successful. We offer a tailored solution for outsourced product development, which allows you to focus on the core business your customers.

Our product development services include:

  • Research and development (R&D).
  • Product concept development and feasibility studies.
  • Product development and testing services.
  • Customization and localization services.
  • Component design and integration.
  • Documentation.
  • Product support.
  • Improving the time-to-market and reducing R&D lifecycle time.
  • Controlling product lifecycle costs.
  • Unlocking the potential in emerging markets.
  • Securing the R&D talent supply.
  • Diminishing the risks of new product launch.

Hospitality and Travel. According to the UN World Tourism Organization, in many countries, including Cyprus, the hospitality industry constitutes the main source of foreign exchange revenue and a primary contributor to the labour force. The same source predicts a rather prosperous future for the industry since more than 1.6 billion tourists will travel by the year 2020. In Cyprus, the hospitality industry contributes close to 13% of the country’s GDP and provides employment to forty-thousand employees. The hospitality industry comprises of lodging, food and beverage and travel establishments, as well as, public and private organizations that pursue the sustainable development, promotion and administration of the country’s tourism destinations.

Reflecting the latest developments and trends of the volatile hospitality and tourism industry, IBIT LTD offers software engineering solutions to all types of companies operating in this sector. IBIT LTD provides hospitality & travel industry players with the right solutions and in-depth expertise according to industrial standards (OTA and HTNG) and security standards (ISO and CMMI).

Manufacturing. The manufacturing industries are facing the biggest changes in their business environment in decades. Customers are requiring increased customization and shorter delivery times, while reluctant to pay more. Supply and value chains are becoming not only global, but increasingly complicated to manage. Automation, robotics, 3D printing and smart machines are transforming the manufacturing landscape. The ability of modern IT solutions to continuously glean and analyse vast amounts of data from all parts of the value chain while enabling more efficient information exchange allows manufacturers to steer their business in near real time.

IBIT offer the technological framework that covers improving customer experience, improving operational flexibility, maximizing production uptime, increasing real-time visibility, enabling service business growth and accelerating business digitalisation. These solutions will make it possible for manufacturers to transfer, collect and analyse “big data”, and then use the results to optimize operation for the best returns.

Telecommunications. The dramatic advances in online services, smart phones and high-speed fibre networks have created entirely new business ecosystems. This has led to huge challenges for the telecom industry that enabled the breakthroughs. Future success in the telecom sector will not only be a matter of delivering better and more efficient services to end customers, it will also require the release of capital, time and resources for internal change and transformation.

IBIT LTD assists its clients with full range of telecommunication companies and equipment manufacturers: fixed and mobile communications, operators, equipment suppliers, developers and integrators of software solutions. IBIT LTD provides the following product R&D solutions:

  • Product strategy
  • Product engineering
  • QA/testing
  • Maintenance
  • Product sustenance
  • Customization
  • Deployment
  • Integration
  • Support
  • Training
  • Localization
  • 1st-line support